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We are Tiny Giants, an independent family-run business that develop and craft specialised products that can make a positive difference to people's lives. We create products for anyone and everyone, making sure they are sustainable and tailored to meet diverse needs.

The Double Grip story

We are two passionate athletes who enjoy rowing, running, cycling and hiking.

Throughout our athletic lives, we have spent countless amounts of money on sports gear. We understand the need for good quality products for physical activities and have first-hand experience with the difference that having the right clothing makes. 

Having spent years getting our feet in and out of rowing boats, slipping out of our sliders, and losing grip when hiking up mountains, we came up with the idea of the Double Grip Sock.

After sketching multiple designs, and improving each time, we developed these into a product, to help people be more stable, comfortable and agile when training and performing.

Fast-forward to today, we are so proud to sell the Double Grip Socks worldwide and contribute to improving people's performance abilities and revolutionising their movement experiences.

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