Hear from our customers

Discover why our Double Grip socks are worn by so many. Read testimonials from our customers and experience the difference yourself!

  • Jayne

    "The socks were great, I tried them in my wellies as I live on a farm, they didn't move, no slippage at all.  I look forward to the release of the longer pairs to stop the top of the welly rubbing my calf."

  • Domenica

    "These socks are incredible for knee high boots, I need thousands of pairs! They stopped my feet from moving around, so they minimised blisters. Honestly amazing."

  • Dan

    "The socks are great and worked really well in the gym. I like them a lot and would recommend."

  • Tim

    "I loved these socks, great for steering the boat, my foot felt really secure and remained in one place - will definitely be adding these to my rowing kit for each outing."

  • Daniella

    "So I already wear other brands, however these ones haven't given me a blister on longer distance training runs. My other ones have on the bottom of my foot. I love the top part providing extra non slip to the top part of your foot."

  • Sam

    "The socks were unreal, very comfortable. Made a real difference to my performance during football matches."

  • Camron

    "Really helped me train for my boxing competition, and I used them during my fight and they helped massively."

  • Jack

    "Good quality socks. The extra grip on top helps for scrummaging as it stops slipping in boots, and don't lose grip throughout my games."

  • Jake

    I bought a black pair for wearing to the gym and love them. They felt bouncy underneath my foot and the grip above helped stabilise my feet when bench pressing 🙂

  • Nema

    Highly recommend!!

    Very comfortable on your my feet when playing football , good grip in my football boots and wash well.